What are the Best True Wireless Earbuds?

The Wireless Earbuds were quite popular previously. and they confused us with their name. If they are wireless why do they still have a wire? The wireless earbuds have a cable between two earpieces while there is no cable between the mobile devices and in them.  They use Bluetooth pairing to get audio signals instead of previously 3.55mm jack.

The newer wireless earbuds solved this problem and a new technological milestone was achieved. The manufacturers were able to remove the remaining one cable between earpiece to make them truly wireless. So they were named as Truly Wireless Earbuds.

As we have seen in the past, every technology milestone brings pros and cons to them. The same case was with True wireless earbuds. As two earpieces are not connected with each other, they both need to be charged. The battery timing was drastically dropped because of their portability. To solve this problem, The charging cases were invented. These cases can not only store the earbuds when not in use but also can charge them using the quick charge method in 10 to 20 minutes that can allow earbuds to work for more couple of hours.

Keep reading our buying guide of Truly Wireless Earbuds to judge whether they will suit your lifestyle or not.

What is the difference between wireless earbuds and truly wireless earbuds?

When you go out to pick out wireless earbuds for yourself, it could be confusing for most people to determine which one is true and which one ordinary wireless earbuds.

Wireless Earbuds have a wire between two earpieces that connect them together. The wire is thin and usually, it hangs around your neck. The wire can tangle often especially if you have long hairs. It can create great discomfort.

Since they involve wire so use less power and you will find them offering better battery life compared to truly wireless ones. They are cheaper too as they involve cheaper hardware and they are older technology too.

On the contrary, Truly Wireless Earbuds do not have a wire between both earpieces. They are truly wireless. The wire is removed between two earpieces as well as between streaming device and the earbuds too. As there is much more usage of wireless connections they provide less battery life probably for a few hours. They are more expensive and equipped with high-end hardware providing much more sound quality compared to the older wireless earbuds.

What are the features of Truly Wireless Earbuds?

All truly wireless earbuds contain necessary features to make your music experience to a new level. however, there are various additional features that you should consider when picking up the model for yourself. These features can revamp your experience with them.

Digital Assistance:

Having Siri, Alexa, or google assistance embedded in your earphones can open new doors of convenience. Digital assistance in our life is a new innovation and still in the progression phase. Early technology pickers already started benefiting from them and started using them in their daily to make their daily tasks easier.  Whether it is texting a message or calling while you are driving just speaking to your phone, or turning off your home lights by just calling the digital assistant installed in your smart home, all the tasks can be handled it.

Having digital assistance connected to your earbuds can give you more accessibility to your life convenience. There are truly wireless earbuds are available that have digital assistance embed in them whether it is Siri, Alexa, or google assistant. You need to press a touch-sensitive button on one of your earpieces and you can command them whatever you want to do to your phone or home.

Charging Cases:

The truly wireless earbuds have batteries inside each earpiece. Since they are portable and manufacturers need to limit their weight, they work for only a few hours. This is the huge downside of having truly wireless earbuds instead of only wireless earbuds. To compensate for the battery timing, the Majority of models come with a case where you can store them when not in use and they can be also charged with them.

The battery cases have backup batteries that help you to recharge your earbuds again when you want to use them for a longer period. The high-end models come between 14-20 hours of battery charging with a charging case. It is a good decision to consider whether the model you are selecting does have a charging case with it or not.

Noise Cancellation:

If you hate noise while listening to your music, you should get the truly wireless earbuds with an active noise cancellation feature. This is the most expensive feature that you will find in the earbuds and if you can afford it, they are definitely worth it.

Noise cancellation can block out all the noise from your surroundings and you can experience a magically silent environment even in most crowded places and focus on the lyrics of the songs you are listening too. This feature is also handy for calling through earbuds as having noise can make your conversations on the phone a miserable situation.

Local Storage:

Local storage in truly wireless earbuds is also a handy feature. With the help of this feature, you can store your favorite songs in your earphones and can listen to them even when your mobile battery is dead. This is not much expensive feature, and you can find earbuds with 2 GB, 4 GB, and 8 GB storage easily on the market.


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