RV Cover Advertising: Music Impact & Sound Design

Everyone knows it. The jingle from childhood memories can be easily sung, even decades later. Music affects human lives and the way you store memories. This also applies to advertising.

When the sound does the advertising: Music impact and sound design

From drum roll to jingle

Before there was music in advertising or even advertising at all people used sounds and songs to generate attention. For example, sound pieces were created to announce important events, more precisely fanfare. Due to the lack of means of communication such as telephones or computers, people could use this to mark the beginning or end of events with music.

The first commercial encounter between sound and advertising probably arose in the 13th century. Here traders used their voices to promote the sale of their products. It became clear that the pure quality of the products would no longer be enough to inspire customers.

In order to attract attention, companies had to come up with something new after a while. The use of popular music for advertising purposes emerged. Marketing experts looked to current hits and popular classics to musically underline their advertising campaigns.

fifth wheel cover

Music impact: What fifth wheel cover companies and agencies should know

Agencies today specialize in the power of tones and put a lot of work into analyzing music’s impact. For successful acoustic underlining of advertising campaigns, however, important aspects must be considered. First of all, the use of acoustic means works more effectively in building a relationship between a brand and a consumer than in the pure presentation of a product. The more emotions are to be evoked by, for example, a musical underlining of a campaign, the less space there is for conveying informative facts. The risk of singing or a loud instrument claiming the customer’s attention is too great.

If a fifth wheel cover company has now decided on an advertising campaign that should not only focus on one product, a closer look must be taken at the brand. So that the brand and its character can be conveyed acoustically to the customer, the company must have a clear picture of it. Ultimately, the brand identity dictates which tone should be chosen in an advertising campaign or which genre fits best.

Whether as quiet as a mouse or deafeningly loud, the sounds in advertising continue to play an important role. The possibilities of emotionally touching customers through melodies are increasing. It’s up to companies to boldly keep experimenting with music impact and researching how brands can reach people acoustically.

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