Know that Renting a Rehearsal-Friendly Storage Comes with Greater Responsibilities

While there are band-friendly storage operators that allow renters to use their space for rehearsals, such arrangements come with higher fees and stricter rules. Moreover, a rehearsal-friendly storage facility will not be as friendly the moment a renter starts missing a payment. Operators will immediately serve a defaulting renter with a demand letter, indicating the deadline up to when payment must be made. Otherwise, the defaulting renter will be locked out of the storage unit in preparation to putting up the content of the storage for auction sale.

Why a Storage that Doubles as a Rehearsal Space is a Stickler for Rules

According to a manager of a rehearsal-friendly storage space, bands need to strictly follow and observe the rules. While these customers rent a space because they usually have stints abroad, using a space for band practice is not a customary feature of a self-storage,
Nevertheless, customers are informed beforehand that if for any reason, they do not comply with the rules, they lose their eligibility to rent a space. They will have to vacate and remove their stuff before the specified deadline is up.

Potential Problems Faced by Rehearsal-Friendly Storage Spaces

There are potential problems that operators face when letting renters use the facility for music practice sessions, such as but not limited to the following:

1. Band members who drink and party, while using illegal or forbidden substances during rehearsals could put the operation of the facility in a questionable light with local authorities.

2. Running a storage unit requires power, but using a storage for rehearsal does not include using extra electricity to power up instruments used during rehearsals.

3. Not paying on time means depriving the people who work with the storage facility, the source of their salaries. Know that rental income collected from month to month are already earmarked or programmed as payment of salaries and utilities. If renters are allowed to default even once, the amount collected will not be enough to pay for the expenditures due for settlement.

4, The level of security in storage facilities rented by regular customers is diminished since there will be human traffic in and out of the main entrance at all times.

5, Noise can be a problem, especially in rural areas. A storage Horsham operators offer is not likely to permit rehearsals to take place in the facilities, lest they become subjects of complaints for disturbing the peace.

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